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1984 Over Fifty years of Trugo
21 photos
1997 Trugo essay
7 photos
2005 Royal Auto Article
2 photos
2007 the slow guide
2 photos
Equipment Details
8 photos
Trugo Score Cards
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2006 Footscray Trugo Club Pavilion and Grounds
Newspaper article
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'Footscray Trugo Club Pavilion and Grounds: Conservation Analysis' prepared for 'The City of Maribyrnong' by 'heritage ALLIANCE'. (2MB pdf download) <a href="http://www.trugo.org.au/documents/FTC_Conservation_Analysis.pdf">http://www.trugo.org.au/documents/FTC_Conservation_Analysis.pdf</a> Image of newspaper article obtained in 2008 from Craig Ebeling the grandson of Claus Ebeling
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